What Works! Resources for Zoom Sales Presentation

Hello all!

I enjoyed presenting for you all recently. I hope you found some value in it! I encourage you to give the fishbone template a try. I'm a strong believer in presenting genuine value as clearly and effectively as possible.

I included here the resources I promised during my presentation:

1. What Works Presentation Handout (includes 5 steps for designing your opening, Briana's example opening, Fishbone Template, and Template Description).

2. Zoom Fishbone PPT Presentation Deck (you can use this to custom design your own Zoom Value Based Sales Presentation. Should you feel so inspired).

If I can help anywhere along the way, feel free to send an email my way. tom@whatworks.biz.


Tom Drews


 1 What Works Presentation Handout

2. Zoom Fishbone PPT Template