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What Works! Communications® delivers consulting, training and speaking programs in a variety of areas, including Virtual Meetings and Presentation Skills, In Person Presentation Skills, and Sales Presentation Skills. Our clients include Cisco WebEx, CLIF Bar, McKesson, Symantec and Citrix GoToMeeting.

Our Evolution What Works! was founded in 2001. We initially started out by teaching “In Person” presentation skills. In 2005, WebEx hired us in to train their entire sales team on how to design and deliver effective sales presentations. Several people came up to us afterwards and said, “This is great, but can you teach us how to do this online using WebEx?” We realized if the experts of the world had a need for this, then so did their customers. Fortunately, that turned out to be the case. Since then, Cisco (WebEx) has hired us as their exclusive provider of “Effective Virtual Meetings and Presentations” training for their entire staff of 65,000. Citrix (GoToMeeting) has also brought us in to write an eBook and deliver several webinars on the same topic. We have worked with an extensive number of other clients, as well.

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Our Sister Company: Making Minutes! We founded Making Minutes! 10 years ago. We have delivered our Productivity, Time Management and Life Balance programs for all kinds of companies, including Genentech, Google, WebEx, The Navy and Williams-Sonoma, Inc. Ultimately, we help people to increase their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, not so they can work harder or longer, but so they can do something they would consider more important. We welcome you to learn more about Making Minutes! at www.makingminutes.com.