Case Studies

The Cisco Story

In 2003, WebEx hired What Works! to train their entire sales and marketing teams for how to design and deliver effective In Person Sales Presentations. The interesting thing was, several people came up to us afterwards and said, "This is great, but can you teach us how to do this using WebEx?" That's when we realized that if the experts of the world have a need for this, then so do their customers. 

We interviewed their top sales people and the marketing team to learn the best practices for engaging audiences when presenting online. We interviewed some of their customers to learn their greatest challenges. We also sifted through our existing in person presentation skills program for relevant material. Eventually, we developed a comprehensive training and coaching program to help people design and deliver effective virtual presentations and meetings.

In 2010, Cisco was investigating companies to provide virtual presentation training for their roughly 65,000 employees. Since Cisco purchased WebEx several years ago, they are avid WebEx users. Cisco chose to work with What Works!. As of 2015, we have delivered over 180 training programs for Cisco employees. We have received very positive feedback that our participants are much more effective at designing and delivering engaging virtual meetings and presentations.

"I had the pleasure of participating in one of Tom's training sessions - Design and Deliver Effective Presentations Using WebEx.  Tom is a highly engaging speaker, dedicated to taking the time to understand and fully connect with his participants. He delivers a truly personal, customized presentation, filled with practical knowledge and techniques that can be applied immediately. Even as an experienced WebEx user, I've benefited greatly from participating in Tom's session. I feel empowered to deliver great presentations that truly engage my audience."

Carol Fairbank, Employee Focus, Cisco