Presentation Structure and DesignMany of our clients have a serious need for upgrading their existing presentations. This would include content, structure and visual design. Using the What Works! Fishbone template, we work closely with you to design impactful and highly effective presentations using your branding, artwork and logos. We can either design your presentations for you, or guide you through the process of creating your own.

Once you have a solid presentation in your hands, then we can share that with the participants during our presentation workshops. They will all be working from a standardized template, and their time to create presentations will be dramatically shortened.

Virtual Presentation and Webinar Design and DeliveryDelivering effective and engaging webinars is a significant challenge for most people. While this avenue for communication can be incredibly valuable, it will mean next to nothing if you can’t engage your audience.

We start by reviewing your existing webinars and slide decks. This provides us with a starting point. We’ll provide you with honest critique, make valuable suggestions for how you can improve, and we can also design the webinar for you. We will share our top strategies for designing a captivating webinar from start to finish.

Webinar and Virtual Presentation technology can be daunting. It’s essential for people to know their web conferencing platform inside and out. This is also where we can help. We can train and coach you not only on the most important tools, but how to use them effectively to interact and engage with your audience.