In Person Presentation Skills

The overall objective of our presentation skills program is for each of the participants to gain measurable and impressive growth in their abilities to present effectively and confidently, whether in front of small or large groups. Our training includes both presentation design and delivery skills.

What Your People Will LearnThe objective of the first half of our workshop will be for each of the participants to learn a simple, efficient and highly effective method for designing a customized presentation from start to finish. Some of what you will learn includes the following:
  • Understanding your audience’s most important needs and objectives
  • How to design the presentation using the What Works! Template
  • Designing a captivating opening to grab the audience’s attention
  • Crafting entertaining stories to hold your audience throughout
  • Making the most of your visuals, including PowerPoint design
  • How to leave your audience with a message they won’t forget

The objective of the second half of our workshop is for each of the participants to significantly enhance their ability to present in public. Participants will eventually present their own custom designed presentation in front of the group and receive presentation coaching and feedback. Content and exercises include:
Eye communication, facial expressions, voice, gestures, movement and posture
  • Strategies for conquering the fear of speaking in front of groups and individuals
  • Preparation, practice and rehearsal strategies
  • Eliminating distracting behaviors such as ums, ahs and you knows
  • Engaging the audience with captivating and entertaining stories
  • Making the most of technology and how to use it effectively
  • Handling difficult questions and responding with poise

How you will benefit
  • Design a compelling and effective presentation in little time
  • Fully engage and captivate your audience
  • Leave your audience with a message they won’t forget

Program formatsWe are currently offering one hour, half day, full day and two day customized presentation training programs. This program consists of a blend of instruction, collaboration and exercises. Ideal class size for our one and two day programs is between 8 and 12 people. Our shorter programs can be delivered to audiences of all sizes.

Who will benefit from this courseThis program will be of great value for virtually anyone who is presenting in public, whether presenting internally to staff, externally to prospects or clients, or collaborating with partners.

Why What Works!We have delivered our presentation skills programs for a long list of reputable companies, including Symantec, Citrix, WebEx, Riverbed and Cisco. Our programs are fun, engaging, and interactive. We also provide follow up coaching so that the participants will maintain their newfound skills while continuing to grow and develop.