Presentation Skills Coaching

Our Presentation Skills Coaching Program will help your employees to gain measurable and impressive growth in their abilities to present effectively and confidently in front of small to large groups.

Your What Works! Presentation Coach will initially perform a discovery interview with your employees to determine their most important needs and objectives, and then provide coaching focusing on the following areas:

Audience Engagement
  • Understand and speak to your audience's most important values, needs and objectives
  • Craft relevant stories, visuals and demonstrations to engage your audience throughout
Presentation Structure and Design
  • Design a captivating opening to grab your audience's attention
  • Create easy-to-follow presentations from start to finish
  • Create visual impact to leave your audience with an unforgettable message
Presentation Delivery Skills
  • Deliver authentically with confident body language, movement and tone
  • Use engaging eye communication to connect with your audience
  • Eliminate filler words and distracting behaviors
  • Conquer the fear of speaking in front of groups and individuals
  • Find the practice and rehearsal strategies that work best for you
  • Handle difficult questions with confidence and poise
Leveraging Technology
  • Learn the ideal technology set-up for any in-person presentation
  • Leverage the remote clicker to engage your audience
  • Avoid mistakes such as reading from slides and looking at the screen
  • Ensure that all use of technology in presentations add value
How it WorksOur What Works! Presentation Coaching Program comes in two different forms, Scheduled Coaching and Individualized Engagements.

Scheduled Coaching
Our Scheduled Coaching gives employees an opportunity to receive immediate feedback to improve upcoming presentations, and it gives our workshop participants an opportunity to get additional practice. Employees sign up for one hour time slots, share their goals for how they want to improve, and receive tailored feedback to help achieve their goals. These sessions are great for employees preparing to give talks internally or externally about technical, business or other priorities.

Individualized Engagements Our Individualized Engagements offer longer term opportunities for more significant growth. Regular one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored to the individual employee’s needs, enable your employees to learn, practice, and receive feedback as they improve their presentation skills and prepare for the presentations they give between sessions. This program is a good fit for employees who need to improve their presentation skills as part of their annual objectives, employees looking to earn a promotion, or high level employees who give high stakes presentations. 

Who will benefit from this coaching This program will be of great value for anyone who is delivering presentations in front of small to large groups. 

Why What Works! What Works! Communications is a leader in the field Presentation Skills Coaching and Training. We have delivered coaching for employees at companies including LinkedIn,, Cisco, Symantec and many more.