How to Design and Deliver Effective Virtual Presentations

Designing and delivering fully engaging presentations via GoToMeeting, WebEx, or any comparable platform, can be an enormous challenge. It’s an entirely different world from standing and delivering. During this workshop, you will learn to design presentations using the What Works! Template, and also significantly improve your delivery skills so that you can fully engage your audience and leave them with a message they won’t forget.

Some of what you will learn in this workshop:
  • The number one most important strategy for engaging your audience
  • How to structure your presentation using the What Works! Fishbone template
  • How and where to weave in questions, polls, chat room and other interaction
  • Slide design, visual impact and PowerPoint best practices
  • How to add “Hollywood” using photos, visuals, graphics and video
  • How to tell stories and use visuals to help illustrate your points
  • Real life client slide examples, why they work, and why they don’t work
How you and your teams will benefit:
  • Learn a simple and easy process for designing your presentation
  • Deliver captivating virtual presentations from start to finish
  • Communicate your value clearly and concisely
  • Fully engage and captivate your participants
  • Leave your audience with a message they won’t forget
Valuable takeaways and resources include:
  • Virtual presentation design and delivery process
  • What Works! Fishbone Template
  • What Works! Template Description
  • PPT template using your branding for meetings and presentations
  • 28 Best Practices for delivering Effective Virtual WebEx Meetings
  • Next steps document for holding participants accountable
  • Virtual presentation preparation checklist
  • 25 Page eBook on Effective Virtual Presentations
Program formats We are currently offering one hour, half day, full day and two day customized training programs for virtual presentations. Most of our programs can be delivered online via the web conferencing tool of your choice, in person at any location, or through a combination of both.

Who will benefit from this workshop: This program will be of great value for anyone who is delivering virtual presentations for small or large audiences using WebEx, GoToMeeting, or any comparable platform. This will provide value for anyone delivering in person presentations as well.

Why What Works! What Works! Communications is a leader in the field of online meetings and presentations. Cisco (WebEx) has hired us as their exclusive provider of virtual meeting and presentation training for their entire staff of roughly 65,000. Citrix (GoToMeeting) has also brought us in to deliver multiple webinars on virtual presentations. We have also delivered our programs for clients including Symantec, Riverbed, Cloud 9, McKesson and Northrop Grumman.